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Engineering without an engineer, or shedding new light on feats in the junkyard of DNA
A review of Evolution: A View from the 21st Century by James A. Shapiro

Inflation-all in the 'Dark'
The latest conclusion from big bang cosmologists is that our universe doesn't exist!

Sea slugs leave Darwin's theory slipping

Long life or eternal life?
Long-age thinking means denying that the world's biology changed at the Fall. But that unwittingly diminishes the Cross.

Getting the Word out
Carl Wieland chats with organic chemist and businessman Gary Baxter

The Gospel and Transsexuals
How should Christians love transsexual people?

Was Adam more guilty than Eve?
We discuss whether the Bible says that either Adam or Eve was more guilty than the other.

The Darwinian core, and fundamentally anti-Christian character, of Nazism
A review of Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview by Jerry Bergman.