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CMI's CEOs meet in Thailand
An important time of brainstorming for the CEOs of the international CMI offices!

Living for 900 years
Many ask how pre-Flood people could have lived for such long lifespans. The real question, though, should be why we don't live that long anymore?

The Importance of Question Evolution Day
Many people think that they can't make a difference in the debate, but you can help spread the message!

Amazing ancient Chinese treasure ships
Huge Chinese wooden ships as large as Noah's Ark sailed around the Indian Ocean in the 15th century

Does the Bible condemn homosexuality?
We answer the questions: Does the Bible really condemn homosexuality? And, is the order of creation important?

Organized complexity-how atheistic assumptions hinder science
Can the problems of ordered complexity be solved by using the tools of randomness?

Identified remains in Idaho raise big questions for anthropologists
A 21 year old mystery has been solved! But kayak accident victim reveals problems with anthropologist's expert identification.