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Ark objections
An objection to a scale model of Noah’s Ark reveals the real reason so many people reject the Flood.

Is 'dark matter' the unknown god?
Dark matter is a fudge factor with no experimental support, and new physics explains the observations better

Noah did not take fish on the Ark!
And other misconceptions about Noah's cargo.

Marcel-Paul Sch?tzenberger--French Darwin doubter
A respected French scientist raised a number of mathematical objections to evolution that remain unanswered.

"I came to hear about science, not the Bible!"
Beliefs about origins should be based on Scripture, not the thinking of men.

The pitch for Noah's Ark
Answering objections to how Noah was able to make the Ark waterproof.

Neandertal-Human Hybrids:
Neandertals interbreeding with humans proves they are the same kind, but many long-age compromisers deny their humanity, leading to huge theological problems and outright bizarrity.