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"What?... Teach my children unbiblical ideas?"
Simply knowing about ideas that contradict Christianity can help young people stand firm against them.

Learning the lessons of Mount St Helens
The catastrophic event that revealed how wrongly geologists understood and explained volcanic landscapes.

Carl Linnaeus: the scientist who saw evidence for God in everything in nature
A man who recognised order in nature now lends his name to a well-known classification system in science.

What about those who have never heard the Gospel?
When we think about those who have not yet heard the Gospel, our response should drive us to evangelism.

Nylon-degrading bacteria: update
'Exhibit A' for evolution in recent times, further research shows that this one does not stack up either.

Faltering on the Flood
Answering Christian leaders who claim that it makes no difference whether Noah's Flood was global or local.

Ghostly coincidence in an unusual fish
In the Amazon River there is a creature with 'electric' senses it uses both in attack and defense.

Evolution vs human behaviour
If evolution is true, why are many human behaviours anti-evolutionary?