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Is creation irrelevant?
Popular leaders of 'evangelical' Christianity increasingly embrace evolution. How should we respond?

Bees' guidance strategy for avoiding crash landings
Designers of flying robotic drones have tried and failed to make autonomous landing systems, despite using lasers, radars, sonars and GPS technology. So how do bees do it so easily?

The Good Dinosaur: A review
What if dinosaurs and humans lived together? This movie gives an evolutionary view.

Southern Greenland-warm and ice free!
Ice core discovery supports the creationist model of the post-Flood ice age.

What is 'creationism'? How is the word used in the creation vs evolution debate?

Genetic engineers unwind species barrier
Evolutionary claims of a new species of yeast simply fall flat.

Stumped by biblical creation
Jim Stump at BioLogos recently posted an article claiming to resolve 10 'common misconceptions' about evolution which attacks biblical creation. Does it stack up?