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A popular magazine publishes an article promoting the unscientific notion of spontaneous generation, and an even more absurd claim about microbes continually raining on the earth-but retraction appears unlikely.

Why was the UK once totally under water?
See how uniformitarian data about the geology of the United Kingdom supports the reality of the global Flood.

Are there gaps in the biblical genealogies?
The Bible gives us many different types of genealogies. But how should we interpret them?

Evolution's influence on modern Bible translations
Attempts to 'modernize' the Bible run into problems when they are based on anything other than the original language.

The Unbelievers: A Review
This documentary follows prominent evolutionists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, and gives a revealing look at atheism.

The violent volcanoes of Io
Spectacular evidence for a young solar system

Geological excursion at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland
Interprets World Heritage Site using biblical history.

Vestigial organs
Evolutionists are being forced to rethink so-called vestigial organs in the light of some embarrassing and harmful mistakes.