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Moulting arthropod fossilized in a flash!
Arthropods moult in mere minutes, yet this ancient specimen was caught in the act, showing disaster struck suddenly, like the Bible says.

New Scientist on 'losing our religion'
According to New Scientist, we are losing our religion. But there's more to the story than they're willing to admit.

A watchman for the Lord
As a well-known US street evangelist constantly encounters the challenge of evolutionary thinking, he is well-equipped with the answers.

Richard Dawkins: Dolphins worth more than babies with Down Syndrome?
Dawkins's latest Twitter rant insults the dignity of people with Down Syndrome.

Mormonism ... rooted in evolution?
If Mormon doctrine is true and the first God was once a man, where did that 1st man come from? Evolution is the only logical response …

Helium-3 capture in lunar regolith and the age of the moon
Is there too much helium in moon rocks for a young solar system?

The whites of their eyes
Hollywood's obsession with making apes appear as human as possible starts with the eyes.