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Unravelling myths about myth
When Murray Adamthwaite understood that Genesis was real history, Christian doctrine then made sense.

Is the Torah historical?
Is history vs. myth a modern distinction?

Phase problems with the astronomical theory
Long-age explanations for the Ice Age based on cyclical changes in the earth’s orbital geometry raise more questions than answers.

Global warming and 'climate change'-recent developments and guidelines for discernment
Recent developments, and guidelines for discernment

The lost squadron
WWII fighter planes abandoned on a Greenland glacier were found 50 years later, already under 75 metres of ice.

The debate over gender identity and bathrooms
When the law of the land clashes with biblical truth, how should Christians respond?

The mimic octopus
An aquatic ‘impressionist’ is not all that it seems to be.

Wagging a finger at creationists
Answering a critic who scolds creationists on moral and intellectual grounds.