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'Evolution is science, but creationism is religion'
Using buzzwords to divide and deride.

The Australian dingo-a wolf in dog's clothing
'A dog is man's best friend'? But there are good reasons to beware the dingo!

Eve's offspring, the serpent, and his offspring-Part 2
Part 2 continues to trace the theme of Eve's offspring and the offspring of the serpent through Israel's history.

Answering fools' folly
Does the Bible contradict itself in Proverbs 26:4--;5?

Dark Matter and the Standard Model of particle physics-a search in the 'Dark'
The Standard Model of particle physics is on a collision course with the Big Bang model.

Meaning, and why does God allow suffering?
How do we know that there is objective meaning in the world? And why would a loving God allow suffering?

Non-Christian philosopher clears up myths about Augustine and the term 'literal'
Exposes theistic evolutionists' wrong views.

A Matter of Faith-movie review
A new movie attempts to create awareness of the problems facing Christian families when their children attend university