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Hypostatic Union: Did Jesus know when he was coming back?
How can Jesus be God if he does not know what the Father knows?

Warm early Eocene Antarctica
There was a time when one of the world’s coldest and iciest regions was much warmer.

God's rest-A problem for theistic evolution
While the Bible says God finished His work of creation, theistic evolutionists say the world is still under construction.

Did Noah need oxygen above the mountains?
Air pressure is the clue to answering this question.

Chinese flood at Jishi Gorge is not Noah's Flood
Reasons why it is not Noah's Flood

The cartoonification of Noah's Ark
Sneak peek of latest Creation magazine. It’s vital to give a clear picture of the size and shape of one of the most important vessel humans ever made.

Respectful disagreement?
Is disagreement of other worldviews disrespectful and what’s love got to do with it?

Is there a Reformed approach to science and Scripture?
Ambiguity rules when the question of theology and the age of the earth are considered.