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Does the Bible condone slavery?
Answering a common charge against Scripture.

Defining the Flood/post-Flood boundary in sedimentary rocks
Twelve criteria to use to define where the Flood stops in the rock record.

Leonhard Euler
One of the greatest mathematicians of all time was a God-honouring, Bible believing Christian.

Creation in a basket
The receptacle is 'expertly crafted' and 'delicately made', but the flowers in it are said to have come about by chance.

Army atheist yells, 'God save me', as shells explode
How creation evangelism helped change the life of a scared soldier.

Evangelism in the Ebola epidemic
A medical missionary talks about ministering with the Gospel in the midst of a deadly Ebola outbreak.

Refusing to be muzzled
A church job offer depended on agreement not to talk about creation; what to do?