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How could Noah's Ark have survived the flood?
What with all the waves, water jets, hurricanes, and ocean heat?

'Paleosols' can form faster than secular scientists think
Can happen faster than secular scientists think.

Almost-great Bible study has fatal flaws

How should we think about a Bible study that is flawed regarding creation and the Flood?

No evolution in pollution: killifish survivors are 'losers'
Killifish have been found living in polluted rivers with levels of industrial toxins 8,000 times the lethal dose.

Is there a God?
Here are Stephen Hawking's reasons for believing that God does not exist, and ours for believing that he was wrong.

Conversation with an unlikely convert
How an academic's life was eventually turned around by true friendship and reading the Bible.

Medicine and miracles
God can do miracles, so is getting medical care a sign of lacking faith?

Is the male reproductive system poorly designed?
The male reproductive system is not poorly designed.