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Near-death experiences and the authority of Scripture
How do we evaluate near-death experiences in light of Scripture?

Two possible mechanisms linking cosmic rays to weather and climate
Computer modelling that has led to dire warnings about climate change is built on questionable understanding of cloud behaviour.

Martin Rudwick's curious paradigm of ancient history and modern creationism
His Salon magazine article recognizes how the Bible paved the way for radical change but he still gets his facts wrong.

Sharks and rays
Did they really have a common ancestor?

Evolutionists on the Bible
Philosophical naturalism sought to 'explain away' the supernatural in the Bible. Unfortunately Christians who accept their uniformitarian deep time, inadvertently also undermine the authority of God's Word.

The watery formation of Fish River Canyon in arid Namibia
The watery formation in an arid land of the second largest continental canyon in the world

Will Heaven be boring?
We answer the questions: Will heaven be boring with no sin? And, how did people start interpreting the Bible to allow for homosexuality?