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The Genesis Flood and Noah's Ark
Evidence for the Genesis Flood and Noah's Ark is crucial to understanding the world's history.

The 'little bears' that evolutionary theory can't bear!
Microscopic 'water bears' are a puzzle for evolutionists.

Apollo moon landing hoax and the 'Face on Mars'
Separating fact from fiction helps to recognize what a hoax really is.

Shape-shifting dinosaurs
Are some dino 'evolutionary series' actually just different growth stages of the same type of dinosaur?

Confusion over mining plans and coal deposits
But Flood geology explains them.

Tetrapods from Fish?
Does the case for land-walking tetrapods, Tiktaalik and 'fishapods' as evidence for evolutionary transitional forms stand up to scrutiny?

Proclaiming Creation in a scientific age
Contrary to the tired old mantra, 'science has disproved the Bible', biblical literate and scientifically informed Christians can (and should) proclaim creation with well-founded confidence.