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The British Evolution Protest Movement
What began as possibly the first organized opposition to evolution grew into England's Creation Science Movement.

'From the beginning of creation'-what did Jesus mean?
Old-earth creationists fumble in their attempt to avoid Jesus' clear teaching about the age of the earth.

The Pelican Spider: also known as the assassin spider
A highly unusual spider testifies to biblical creation.

Giant's Causeway geology clarified for Earth Science Ireland
Controversy continues over interpretation of World Heritage Site.

Is Genesis infallible?
Can we trust that the creation narrative in Genesis is actual history?

Woolly mammoths were cold adapted
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the now-released December issue of Journal of Creation. Subscribers will be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.

Evolution: not just about biology
Creationists are often slammed for saying that e.g. abiogenesis (chemicals to first life) is all part of 'evolution'. But leading evolutionists affirm the creationist claim-and more.

British Christendom
Rather than remain true to its biblical roots, the once-thriving church in England embraced Darwin and has been dying ever since.