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The recent, rapid formation of the Mount Isa orebodies during Noah's Flood
Metal ores and their enclosing sediments could have been deposited in less than 20 days!

Resisting the secular slide
Censorship of those who advocate truth has gone on since the dawn of humanity, but the values of the Council of Europe take this to a new level, claiming that creationists threaten human rights!

Creation and occultism
The occult needs to be opposed because it is based on the denial that there is a Creator and we are His creatures.

Swedish fossil fern preserves chromosome detail, pointing to catastrophic burial
Catastrophically buried during Noah's Flood.

The American badger
Meet the fastest animal digger in the world. It can throw dirt 5 ft into the air, and has even been known to tunnel down through asphalt.

Why evolution hurts the church
Robert G. Ingersoll knew-and wasn't shy in telling others, either.

Ebola disease: the result of the Fall
Ebola virus had a benign function before the Fall, as it seems to have today in bats. The disease is deadly because it turns our immune systems against us.

Precambrian rocks
Creationist geologists who previously argued that Precambrian rocks were formed before Noah's Flood had to rethink their position.