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Creation in independent schools
Under the guise of protecting school pupils against indoctrination, hypocritical moves are afoot to propagate scientific materialism.

The incredible geological features that defy explanation within a secular interpretation.

The frantic search for extraterrestrial life
What are the chances for extraterrestrial life? Could life evolve from non-living chemicals? Are there any suitable planets apart from ours?

Will there be another Ice Age
Despite dire warnings that humanity has so impacted the world that there is a possibility of a global weather catastrophe, what can the Bible teach us about such claims?

Supernovae and gamma-ray bursts in a biblical cosmology
When did stars explode, and how can we see their light under a biblical time frame? Are they compatible with a very good creation?

Superflares and the origin of life on Earth
Could solar superflares have made the supposed 'early' Earth inhospitable for life?

Nazi child euthanasia and Hans Asperger
A new study shows that Hans Asperger actively assisted the Nazi eugenics policies.