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Can you survive without blood?
A potential solution to the alarming loss of youth from the churches.

In the beginning ... they misunderstood
Two evangelical theologians set out to interpret Genesis 1 in its original context but is their methodology flawed?

Did dinosaurs evolve into birds?
Birds are clearly distinct creatures from dinosaurs, with unique lung design, fully-formed feathers, and flying machinery. Even under evolutionary dating, undoubted birds are older than their alleged dinosaur ancestors.

Do fish listen to opera?
A cautionary tale about how the pronouncement of one scientist can be overturned by the observations of another.

Easy meat for the lorikeet
Why bother with nectar and pollen when there's meat on the menu?

Sea urchin spines
Sea urchin spines are made from a crystal that contains impurities that stop cracks propagating. The fine architecture further strengthens the spine.

Christianity 101
So often Christians have not received any training on how to defend their faith starting with the book of foundations--;Genesis.

Raindrop imprints and the location of the pre-Flood/Flood boundary
Do raindrop imprints help identify the pre-Flood/Flood boundary?