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Incomplete lineage sorting and other 'rogue' data fell the tree of life
The evolutionary tree of life popularized by Charles Darwin has been shaken to its roots by the molecular genetics revolution.

Defending the Bible?
Can one defend Scripture while denying essential parts of its message?

The thymus gland and cot deaths
Wrong evolutionary assumptions about the thymus gland and cot deaths led to the unnecessary demise of many more children.

Margaret Sanger and the minority holocaust
While Margaret Sanger was anti-abortion, she was a fanatical racist and eugenicist. Planned Parenthood is practising racist eugenics by locating in minority neighbourhoods and aborting minority babies.

Planetary scientists are all abuzz with the news of an amazing discovery

'Creation is faith; evolution is science'?
It's often claimed that evolution-not biblical creation-is evidence-based science; the truth is very different.

Evolutionary 'programming' and the stumbling block of thousands of years
Most don't realize it but from a young age we are programmed into acceptance of the millions of years.

Behemoth and leviathan in the book of Job
What were they? Dinosaurs? Modern day animals? Symbolic monsters of evil?