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Cannibal deer!
Deer show us that nearly any animal could become a carnivore … under the right conditions.

Speciation is not evolution
Biblical Creation predicts and requires rapid speciation!

SUSY is not the solution to the dark matter crisis
Not a solution to the big bang dark matter crisis.

DNA Battles
A new DVD highlights deceptive false teaching under the guise of science.

Immanuel: The Gospel according to Isaiah
Isaiah prophesied the Messiah's arrival hundreds of years in advance.

Parker Solar Probe to contact the sun
The first ever mission to fly a spacecraft directly into the sun's corona is on the way.

The sloth: Slowest mammal on Earth
This creature may lack speed, but its special features make gripping reading.

Is God a cruel Creator?
Explaining why there is death and suffering if God created the world 'very good'.