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Powerfully attracted to the truth of creation
How reading the Bible turned around a young scientist's thinking.

A '165 million year' surprise
Fossils emerging from a mudflow raise more questions than answers for long-age thinking.

Why Creation magazine?
What we do to ensure that each issue of Creation magazine equips you and your family to defend your faith and witness to others—and how you can help.

The Potter's Hands
The human hand is "one of nature's marvels", and a huge challenge to robotics engineers wanting to replicate it.

The sounds of long-dead languages
Many ancient people left a written record of the spoken word, but it takes hard work to understand the texts.

The 'Great Unconformity' and associated geochemical evidence for Noahic Flood erosion
Only a catastrophic flood can account for the world's largest and most intriguing geological feature.

Engaging the transgender debate with truth and grace
A new book helps Christians to tackle a controversial topic.

Australia's Aborigines ... did they see dinosaurs?
Eyewitness testimony from native peoples leaves no doubt that they lived with creatures which today we know as dinosaurs.