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Pole vaulting and creation
Why does a pole-vaulting champ think that biblical Creation is vital for the Gospel?

DNA research says Australian Aborigines arrived 50,000 years ago
But how reliable are the 'molecular clocks'?

Examining the floating forest hypothesis: a geological perspective
Testing the waters to see if this idea explains how massive coal beds were formed.

Remembering God's mighty acts
The Bible calls us to read its narrative in ways that contradict deep time.

Life in a test-tube
Many think that Stanley Miller's famous 1953 experiment showed that life could arise from non-living chemicals. But real chemistry shows that the chemicals Miller produced would react in the wrong way for life to form.

Can we know God?
Paul Young's latest book is full of heretical teachings that should surprise no one familiar with his previous work.

Why did God give us a book?
Out of all the possible modes of communication, why did God give us a book?

Easter and Good Friday: questions and answers
Some claim that the word 'Easter' is derived from a pagan goddess, and others claim that Jesus must have been crucified on a Wednesday. Read Dr Sarfati's comments.