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Recent origin of species
It does not add up for the evolutionary story.

'Why do you just bash evolution?'
Does CMI just bash evolution? Learn about both the positive and negative arguments in biblical apologetics.

Cosmic storytelling
When it comes to explaining how our universe came into being, widespread speculation is embraced over hard evidence.

How should we love and pray for those with whom we disagree?
Responding to correspondents who take exception to our recent articles about Andy Stanley.

Hitler the evolutionist; Hitler the pantheist (Hitler the atheist-Yes)
What was Hitler's worldview? A review of Hitler's religion by Richard Weikart

Defending Genesis is popular!
CMI's new resource is a collection of the best of 40 years of Creation magazine.

The puzzle of large natural bridges and freestanding arches
These spectacular geological features raise more questions than answers for proponents of slow and gradual processes.