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A giant hoax
Have people really found skeletons of giants?

Was reincarnation removed from the Bible?
A correspondent suggests the Bible's teaching was changed to remove reincarnation. We respond.

The family of cats-delineation of the feline basic type
The household moggy has a much more complicated family tree than previously thought.

Massive erosion on California's Oroville Dam
Spillway canyon demonstrates power of flowing water

Genesis: Bible authors believed it to be history
Those who insist that Biblical creationists are being divisive over 'small details', need to reconsider what Jesus said about Genesis.

Brainy bees?
Bumblebees and spiders display behaviours beyond what was previously considered possible.

Algae to oil
'Fossil fuel' takes a lot less time to form than commonly believed

Answering another abortion argument
If life is in the blood, does that mean the unborn child is not human until he or she has circulating blood? We respond.