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Breaking the shackles of evolutionary propaganda
From the dying embers of faith, via atheism and evolutionary compromise, to a rock solid confidence in biblical creation and Scripture-one man's fascinating journey.

World's oldest salt lake only a few thousand years old
Australia's Lake Eyre does not live up to the age that has been assigned to it.

David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive
Evidence for Genesis not evolution at the Natural History Museum!

Longest recorded fossil drag mark
A dying ammonite leaves behind a permanent impression which tells a story that needs explaining.

Mutations, and why you shouldn't marry your cousin
Are creation geneticists wrong about mutation rates? And how distantly related should parents be for genetically healthy offspring?

Changing paradigms in stratigraphy-"a quite different way of analyzing the record"
Understanding the earth's geological record is undergoing a radical rethink.

Evolution on other worlds
New Aliens documentary refuting alien life and explaining alien abduction claims.