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Mammoth-riddle of the Ice Age
These huge creatures are used for evolutionary propaganda, but they can best be explained from a biblical worldview.

Forced abortion and euthanasia?
'Bioethicists' want to force doctors to murder

The Tasmanian Devil
One of Australia's iconic animals has a big bite but is not as fearsome as it's made out to be.

Can evolution produce rational minds?
A correspondent asks for help defending the argument from reason against critics.

New view of gravity explains cosmic microwave background radiation
Consider the concept of space as a physical material with a tension and a fourth spatial dimension.

Pastor Andy Stanley says the Bible is too hard to defend
Evangelical pastor preaches that the Bible isn't the foundation for the Christian faith

The Stone 'Age'-a figment of the imagination?
Claims that there was such a time as the Stone Age are not supported by the evidence.

Mary Anning
A sickly child who survived a lightning strike made a long-lasting contribution to paleontology.