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Created to fly!
For thousands of years man has gazed in awe at the magnificent soaring ability of birds. Today we've even made our own winged machines. But it was the Creator's idea first!

STILL linking and feeding
Reaching more people in the Church is critical to spreading the creation message.

Dr Carl Wieland retires after four decades
Tribute to ministry founder Dr Carl Wieland on the eve of his retirement, as CMI enters new phase.

'Oldest snake' fossils found
New snake fossils, the 'oldest yet', have surprised evolutionary paleontologists, forcing a retelling of the story of snake evolution, Kipling-style.

Exploring the God Question 3. Mind and Consciousness, Part 1 (The Brain)
God made humans different from the animals because He wanted us to have a personal relationship with Himself.

Explaining robust humans
Why were some ancient humans, as revealed by the fossils, so heavily built?

An eternal big bang universe
Not content with everything creating itself from nothing, the latest development in big bang theory even does away with a beginning.