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Parrot puzzle
The parrot's missing relatives can't be found.

Are all evolutionists atheists?
Answering questions from a correspondent who is new to creation information.

Heredity is foundationally cellular, not genetic, and life's history is discrete, not continuous
A functional body plan is the key to life; without it, an embryo will not survive.

Competing wisdoms
The world's wisdom and God's wisdom are at odds. Which do you follow?

The amazing cave people of Malta
Evolutionist indoctrination has led many to link the idea of 'cave dwelling' with the notion of 'primitive subhumans'. But this does not logically follow, as recent evidence confirms.

Warp drive
The idea that spacecraft can be built that can travel vast distances in a short time fails at a theoretical level, despite what Hollywood and evolution would have us believe.

Tibetan snow lotus
Is the Tibetan snow lotus evolving to elude detection?