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The way we are-psychology and Genesis
The psychological problems that many people experience can be linked to man's broken relationship with God as recorded in Genesis.

Maniitsoq crater, Greenland
When did the impact occur?

Stunning and stealthy
Stunning and stealthy

Is God obscure and arbitrary in what He wants from us?
A skeptic overlooks the fact that God has made Himself known to us in various ways when he claims that He treats humans unfairly.

Countering evolution in the classroom
Advice to a student about how to respond to evolution and millions of years as taught in her high school biology class.

Post-Flood man continues to become smarter
Evolutionists continue to be confounded by discoveries that man had complex intelligence at a point in history much earlier than they expected.

The boy who's proud to be a killer
Is the troubled teenager who boasted about killing his teacher a product of evolutionary brainwashing?