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Solar activity, cold European winters, and the Little Ice Age
A concept known as the charge modulation of aerosol scavenging (CMAS) may help researchers unearth the causes of severe European winters.

An infuriated and vindictive God?
Were the curse of Genesis 3 and Jesus' sacrifice on the cross the acts of an incensed malicious God? A professing Christian minister claims so!

Great creation scientists: James Clerk Maxwell
Mathematical genius James Clerk Maxwell applied Bible knowledge in his scientific investigations.

The importance of creation in evangelism
It is often necessary to show that the Bible is trustworthy from the beginning before a person indoctrinated in evolution will accept the Gospel.

Pitcher plants and animal sanitation
The pitcher plant that encourages small animals to drop by, leaving their 'calling card'

God's Not Dead 2-A movie review
God's Not Dead 2 offers Christians a minimal amount of basic, historical, scriptural apologetics regarding the historicity of Jesus Christ's ministry and the validity of the Bible.

Exploring Intelligent Design language in Genesis 2 and Acts 17-yatsar and poie?
Evidence of God's creative craftsmanship is even found in the very words of Scripture.