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Ebola disease:
Ebola virus had a benign function before the Fall, as it seems to have today in bats. The disease is deadly because it turns our immune systems against us. In this way, Ebola is similar to influenza, another negative-sense RNA virus, which kills more people in the West.

Precambrian rocks
Creationist geologists who previously argued that Precambrian rocks were formed before Noah's Flood had to rethink their position.

Competing wisdoms
The world's wisdom and God's wisdom are at odds. Which do you follow?

Believers today owe a great deal to a man who almost five centuries ago determined that it was vital for Englishmen to have the Bible written in their native tongue.

A visit to a vitamin factory
A thought-provoking allegory about a self-perpetuating, self-sustaining, bio-degradeable factory.

Baleen whales have unique sensory organ
Baleen whales feed very energetically, requiring precise coordination to avoid breaking their jaws

Is the geologic column with its millions of years essential for mineral exploration?
Are they essential for mineral exploration?

The good, the bad and the ugly ...
Since the Bible clearly teaches that everything was made in six literal days, doesn't that mean that bad things must have been there from the beginning?