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Dark energy and the elusive chameleon-more darkness from the dark side
Along with fudge factors, such as Dark Matter used to explain the big bang, the chameleon particle has been introduced even though there's no evidence it exists.

Can a cow become a hog?
The way in which a cow turns sunshine, water and grass into milk defies evolutionary explanations.

Eve: A Review
This best-seller badly misinterprets creation.

Archer fish use advanced hydrodynamics
Archer fish exploits two independent hydrodynamic properties to shoot down prey with powerful water jet.

Does the New Testament claim to be God's Word?
A critic asserts that no passage in the New Testament purports to be inspired by God. Is that true?

How does andesite lava originate in the earth?
Questionable assumptions about how volcanic andesite lava is produced suggests caution before accepting uniformitarian interpretations.

'How do we know that evolution is really happening?'
A point-by-point response to the BBC's recent propaganda piece on The Big Questions: Evolution