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Joseph's Zaphenath Paaneah-a chronological key
Despite the fact that many historians reject the very existence of Joseph and the Israelites in Egypt, further research has caught up with details laid out in Genesis.

Sorry, how many feathers did you find?
Tongtianlong limosus-More feathered-dinosaur story telling that doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

The fish in the bathtub
Evolutionists have faith that a fish can evolve from water in a bathtub, given a billion years.

Why did God prevent Adam from eating from the Tree of Life after he had sinned?
The last enemy to be destroyed is death. So wouldn't it have been a good thing for Adam to live forever by eating from the Tree of Life?

Belshazzar: The second most powerful man in Babylon
How archaeology vindicated the Bible's curious claims about King Belshazzar

Giving airtime to atheists?
Why does CMI give atheists, whose mission is often explicitly antibiblical, the 'oxygen of publicity'?

Has Mars undergone one or more RATE episodes?
Accelerated radioisotope decay may have caused geologic upheaval on the red planet, similar to what occurred on Earth.