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How gay marriage harms people
Three major reasons that same-sex marriage is bad for society.

Rediscovering Pluto
Fresh images of this dwarf planet's geology are exciting and point to its young age.

Biologos fails with Is Genesis History critique
A big failure.

Frozen feeding
Caught in the middle of a meal, this fossil clearly speaks of rapid burial.

The Shack Revisited compared with the Bible
The theology of The Shack as presented in The Shack Revisited is evaluated and compared with what the Bible actually says.

Cats big and small
Wherever you live in the world, there's generally a cat not too far away.

Can atheism possibly explain morality and reason?
Why atheists' attempts to provide a foundation for morals and reliable human minds are hopeless.

Battle for the Bible in the early church
Early Greek scholars who attacked the Bible are similar to modern-day scientists and some theologians who likewise cast doubts on the reliability of God's Word.