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Fossilized insects show signs of stasis and rapid burial!
Fossilized in the act of mating, these insects were clearly rapidly buried.

Who's in the driver's seat?
Some Theistic Evolutionists and Old Earth Creationists have said that the Young Earth position is intellectually inferior and downright embarrassing! What motivates their embarrassment? The Bible!

Creation in Isaiah
God as Creator described in Isaiah as having absolute power over all of creation.

Here's the Intel; Stephen Hawking fears robots could wipe us out
Why is the world's so-called smartest man so afraid of rapid technological advancements? 

US Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage-now what?
What should Christians do when what is an abomination to God becomes the law of the land?

Evolution: just a change in allele frequencies?
Answering a critic who claims that evolution is proven by trivial biological changes.

Worldviews, logic, and earth's age-part 2
Deep-time compromise has had a negative effect on the Christian church despite claims to the contrary.