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'Christmas Trees' light up butterflies
Each tiny scale on a blue morpho’s wing has neat lines of ‘Christmas Trees’, which ‘trip the light fantastic’.

Can you be a gay Christian?
We tackle a sensitive and controversial question.

The anti-biblical agenda of early uniformitarians and evolutionists
Exposing the roots of anti-biblical science and how that impacts our society.

What about Aliens, UFOs, evolution and suffering?
Irrelevant to the Gospel? Today’s regular street evangelists are challenged with serious questions about evolution, suffering, aliens and UFOs.

Culture clash
When Europeans encountered Aboriginals on the Australian island of Tasmania, they assumed them to be not far removed from animal ancestors because of their ‘lack’ of technology.

Scripture's self-authentication
A review of John Piper's latest book, A Peculiar Glory.

Geomorphology provides multiple evidences for the global flood
Geologists struggle to explain how features such as mountain ranges and plains formed by a slow-and-gradual process and ignore evidences that point to a global flood.

Evidence and evolutionary bias
Evolutionists promote an ‘evidence-first’ approach, but fail to see that their own philosophical evolutionary bias blinds them to evidence for the God of the Bible.