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The genetic history of the Israelite nation
What can genetics tell us about the history of the Jews?

Lizard discovered that can lay eggs and birth live young
Shaun Doyle

The planets are young: 2. Earth and Mars
We present reasons why Earth and Mars are young, not billions of years old, as per the BBC-TV program The Planets.

Top five questions posed by evolutionists answered!
Evolution's top five arguments better support biblical creation --; there is hope for college students.

What humans do but animals don't
Six abilities of humans that make us different from animals, and are features of God and thus make us accountable to Him.

Can mutations lead to new genetic information?
An extra copy of a gene is new information, but not a new kind of information --; evolution still doesn't happen!

Is the Shroud of Turin authentic?
Is the Shroud of Turin authentic? We examine the biblical, anatomical, chemical evidence.

Where is our focus?
How do we communicate the truth over social media?