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New Testament reliability questions
Were Paul's letters coauthored? And are the resurrection accounts really plausible?

Unmasking natural selection
A review of '40 Years of Evolution: Darwin's finches on Daphne Major Island' by Peter and Rosemary Grant.

New book examines the DSS witness to Creation
A useful new resource examining the use of Genesis in the DSS.

Blue eyes mutation
Many people of European descent have less melanin in their eyes, and it's got nothing to do with evolution

Gary Bates receives honorary doctorate
Gary Bates receives honorary doctorate from Whitefield Theological Seminary

Creation astronomy from a rocket scientist
Space scientist Dr Henry Richter's new book Spacecraft Earth explores how Earth is designed for life

Is it ok to be a blunt instrument?
A friend of the ministry asks, didn't Jesus and Paul use nasty language toward their opponents? We give an answer.