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Nuclear physicist for creation!
Nuclear physicist Dr Heinz Lycklama explains the importance of biblical creation, the folly of radiometric dating, and the bankruptcy of goo-to-you evolution.

Henry Richter receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Creation scientist Henry Richter used receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award as an opportunity for sharing the Gospel.

Ancient Roman concrete
The Ancient Romans understood the correlation between natural sedimentary rock and man-made concrete

Is the RubisCO enzyme an ineffective leftover of evolution?
Some evolutionists claim that the RubisCO enzyme is an evolutionary leftover, but when we look at the details it is obviously a design element!

John Walton reimagines Adam and Eve
A review of The Lost World of Adam and Eve by John H. Walton.

Smart faith in a digital age
Smart phones and social media, though amazing digital resources, are portals for information of all sorts, some of it wrong or harmful-use them profitably and wisely!

The mystery of the moon
Whatever scenario evolutionists invoke, they can't adequately explain the moon's origin.

Summoning the Demon: Worshiping Artificial Intelligence
Anthony Levandowski's 'Way of the Future' cult has disturbing ideas about computers.