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Peregocetus pacificus, 43-milion-year--;old walking whale?
Have they now finally found a whale missing link, Peregocetus pacificus?

Seabed circles 'Whodunnit?' solved

Preaching the Gospel in Zambia
The story behind an engineer who left the mining industry and fulfilled a desire to preach.

The resurrection of Jesus and the beginning of creation
What has Easter got to do with the creation of the world and humanity? Well, consider that the resurrected Jesus taught from the authority of Moses' books (which include Genesis)!

Is the fossil record 'overwhelming evidence for evolution'?
No, it's evidence for Creation!

If Christ is not raised
The resurrection is central to the Christian faith.

Interpreting the geology of Central Australia using Noah's Flood
A geological guide book reveals landmarks, patterns, and puzzles.