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Sulfur bacteria stasis-"The greatest absence of evolution ever reported"
"The greatest absence of evolution ever reported" is hailed as support for evolution.

Jesus: right on Genesis!
If Jesus taught a historical Genesis, so should we.

Planation surfaces below the Antarctic Ice Sheet
How did they form?

Homeschool conference: great encouragement and some concerns
Great encouragement from attendees at homeschool conference, yet we also experienced concerns due to false teaching about creation

Dolphin sonar (still) far better than man's
Dolphins use 'double sonar beam' to narrow down prey's location. Algorithm used to analyse this could help design better body scanners.

How tilapia skins help to heal burn victims

The Vredefort Dome, South Africa
Long-age thinking held back scientific explanations of a major South African geological feature.

Do creationists need to prove God exists?
A skeptic says that creation is fictional because we haven't proved that God exists. Is he right?